"The Nurturer"

Emily, Caden's triplet sister, is our "typical" child.  Although she was a little peanut at birth (2 lbs. 8 oz.), she has caught up and is actually moving into 4T clothes. She is developing age appropriately and thriving in school (except for potty training which has become quite the battle). Emily loves anything princess, playing dress up and doing things all by herself because she's a "big girl now". Emily says she wants to be either a nurse or a doctor when she grows up. She loves to help us feed, dress and tend to Caden. She is our nurturer. She is sweet, kind and helpful. This is not to say that her "attitude" doesn't come out occasionally but she is always apologetic and polite. We know that if something were to ever happen to me and Matt, Emily would care for Caden. She is a wonderful sister and amazing daughter. We are so very proud of her.


"The Protector"

Ethan, Caden's identical twin, was our smallest (2 lbs. 3 oz.) and was the one doctors were most worried about.  He had intrauterine growth restriction and spent the most time in the N.I.C.U. (3 months).  He came home on oxygen and an apnea monitor like Caden and dealt with reflux and feeding issues as well.  He has since outgrown the monitors and his reflux is under control.  He is developing, although he is physically delayed.  He is in therapy and is working hard to catch up.  Ethan is Caden's "protector".  When Caden was in the hospital, Ethan wanted to pull out Caden's I.V. and PICC.  We had to take him out of the room when doctors and nurses were working with Caden because we knew he would  punch and kick them to keep his brother safe.  Ethan is by far the funniest little boy I have ever met.  His personality and sense of humor can make the hardest day pleasant.  He is a typical toddler boy who can some how find a way to destroy the house in a matter of minutes but will help clean up as well.  He loves his brother more than anything and we know he will always be there to protect him.  He is the sweetest little boy and we love him very much.



  1. You are very blessed with 3 sweet kids.

  2. Wonderful kids. Beautiful family.

  3. Please contact Chive Charities at thechive.com. They always do amazing charity work and raising awareness for rare medical conditions to hopefully help your son out. I know he would be a perfect candidate for their charity and The Chive along with its very generous fan base will be able to help you and your family out. Please get a hold of them!

    1. Chive charities would definitely be interested in a story as unique and inspiring as Caden's.. I would say give it a shot